In Pairs

Luke 10:1-2 (NKJV)

1 After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go. 2 Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.

       Jesus was sending people out two by two.  There are times to do ministry alone, but not all opportunities are solo operations.  Being together with a fellow brother or sister gives support.  One area of support it allows you to have a prayer partner with you.  The power of God’s strength and power through prayer can allow the opportunity to go according to God’s plan and not ours.

A second support of going together is to allow for the opportunity to grow someone into loving ministry.  This becomes an area of discipleship and mentorship.  This allows for one to observe as they learn to serve.  They can learn through observing the reaction of both sides of those giving and those receiving.  It is so hard to learn in going solo.  Please understand that as someone is observing to remind them it is always God who gets the glory.

A third support is it allows people to see they are never alone and they can be comforted in knowing God loves them and that His people do also.  When we minister in one accord with God through us, people will see they do not have to face a concern alone.  We share that God is always there for us and we are never alone.

Now remember sometimes a situation calls for only one to go, but remember to call upon someone to be in prayer for you as you go.  Share because you care and know it all starts in prayer.  Remember always give God all the glory!