Tears Accounted For

Psalm 56:8 (NKJV)

You number my wanderings;

Put my tears into Your bottle;

Are they not in Your book?

How many times have we cried out and thought does anyone care?  We may have gone off by ourselves to cry and hoped no one would notice at other times.  We may have lost someone and cried for days or months.  So many times people might encourage you not to cry.  Tears can be the expression of emotion that needs to be released.

By crying we know through Scripture that every tear is accounted for by God.  He is not only seeing you cry and counting, He also desires for you to count on Him.  He wants you to cry out to Him in prayer and seek His peace and comfort.  When He provides you with the peace you need then your sorrow can turn to joy.

Having joy now can lead to tears of joy or even tears of laughter.  Each and every tear is counted so we know we can count on a God who cares and is always there for us.  Love Him, know Him and give Him all the glory because He cares for you.