Stand Under His Love

Psalm 33:13-15 (NLT)

13    The Lord looks down from heaven

and sees the whole human race.

14    From his throne he observes

all who live on the earth.

15    He made their hearts,

so he understands everything they do.


The Lord looks down on us and truly loves us.  He made our hearts and He desires that all hearts seek Him.  He observes us and knows us.  Do we spend time with him to know His heart and His love?

To understand His love we have to stand under His love.  We have to come to Him in prayer at all times and not just in desperate times.  We need to spend time in His Word and not just in devotionals.  We need to go to church and look for other ways to include Him in our daily journey.  We need to yearn for His love and not try to earn His love.

Jesus paid the price for us by going to the cross.  Know He loves you and is there for you at all times.  We need His love so stand under His love.  Receive His love, share His love and give Him all the glory in all that you do.