Pray at All Times

Romans 12:12 (NKJV)

 rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer;

       How many times do we just pray when we are in desperate times?  How many praise prayers do we offer up?  Do we pray for all and not just those we are close to?  How many times have you thanked Him in prayer?  We need to spend time with God in all areas of prayer.

We need to have joy in our prayers.  Seeking God in true hope gives us the assurance of knowing He is listening.  We have to live in faith and hope because He loves us so much.  He is there for us at all times.  He is there with us before the storm, during the turbulence, as well as there during the calming times afterwards.  We have to show that we have joy in our journey.  I cannot imagine how I could have ever gotten through any storm without His love for me.  There were times I had to focus upon my faith and not my fears.  Patience is an aspect of my life I had to grow in.

To seek the joy He has for me and to have complete trust in my faith I have had to stay in prayer.  Staying in prayer has grown all areas of my love for Jesus.  He showed us in His Word how to pray, how to get away to pray, and how to truly come to the Father in all aspects of our journey.  We have to love Him, trust Him, and truly know where our comfort and peace come from.

Jesus is there for us at all times.  We are to rejoice in the relationship He desires to have with us and it truly grows through time in the Word and time in prayer.  So set aside some time with Him to help prepare you for all parts of the journey, so you can enjoy all that He desires to show you.