A Prayer, A Promise, and Praise

Psalm 50:15 (NKJV)

“Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.”

       In one short verse we see a prayer, a promise, and praise.  The first part of the verse is to call upon God.  When we are in trouble we pray with the words of help me, why me, or when will this end?  We have to remember God is always there.  He loves us at all times and the storms of life can truly grow us, challenge us and shape us into all that God wants to show us.  The pain can hurt or the circumstance seem overwhelming yet God is there just call out to Him and put your total trust in Him for Him to be there knowing He is there in your time of need.

The second part of the verse He tells us “I will deliver you.”  The Bible is full of promises that God has fulfilled for those that cried out to Him.  His Word is the truth and He will deliver you in His perfect timing.  Even though you are ready He may be trying to grow others as they see what you are enduring.  We know we can pray and stand upon His promises.  This leads us to the third part which is praise.

When the verse shows “and you shall glorify Me,” we need to remember to always give Him the glory.  Give Him the glory in the storm as well as after the storm.  Sometimes the strongest part of a testimony is how you handled the middle of the storm.  So we need to give Him glory all throughout so others will see God get all the glory.  In the end give Him praise, but please share your testimony with all that need to hear it.  This way when you share what God has done you may be helping them or preparing them with what God has done for you and wants to do through you.