Take Time for Him

Psalm 90:12 (NLT)

12     Teach us to make the most of our time,

so that we may grow in wisdom.

How are you at time management?  Do you start the day with the Lord in Word and in prayer?  Your day will have more comfort if you start the day in the presence of the Lord.  Yet too many times we hit the snooze button for nine more minutes twice when we could have spent eighteen minutes with the Creator of the day.  We could have gained wisdom to start the day yet we missed an opportunity to spend with the Lord.

As we are running late are we praying as we embark upon the journey of the day?  We need to pray before we go as well as at other opportune moments we have during our trip to work or throughout the day.  As we roll around to lunch do you read the Bible, a devotional, or even an encouraging book?  We have to seek His wisdom, cry out for His wisdom, receive His wisdom, and apply the understanding He gives us in our time with Him.

As we journey home do we make unnecessary stops or go home and spend time with Him and with others we have been blessed with to be in our life.  God is always there yet do we take the time to join Him?  He has everything to give us as well as show us and we need to spend precious time with the one true living God.  Adjust your schedule to include Him in your daily walk and the journey will always be blessed.