He is the Gift

2 Corinthians 9:15 (NKJV)

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

Why have we gotten to the point of on Thanksgiving Day we hurry up to eat and then go shopping?  Do you remember the times a family ate together, spent time sharing stories and then ate again?  We have gotten to the point of hurrying to go shopping to think that we saved, yet at what cost?

The greatest gift we have is Jesus.  He paid a price for us by going to the cross.  Do you spend time with Him?  His gift is love and His desire is that we love Him and one another.  The time with Him is so precious and a price cannot be put upon it.  His love is to be received and shared with others.  That is another reason to make sure we spend time with family and friends.  The time together can create memories that can never be bought or duplicated.

Knowing Jesus and sharing the love that He has for us is indescribable and cannot have a price put on it.  To accept His love and share it will not be in a black Friday advertisement or a cyber-Monday special.  Understand His love is special and you are to receive it and share it with all.  Be thankful that God loves us and desires that we accept His Son Jesus, share Him and truly enjoy our journey.  So get to know Him and spend time with your family and appreciate all the gifts you have.

Thank You God for Your Son and to You be all the glory.