Live in Harmony

Romans 12:16 (NLT)

Live in harmony with each other. Don’t try to act important, but enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!

Do we live in harmony with others?  We are challenged here in the Word with this statement.  When we think of harmony we think of music and the different parts that are in a choir or band that go together to make a beautiful song.  We think of harmony at work and how each department or group does their part to achieve results.  We think of harmony when friends and family get along.  God desires for us to live in harmony with Him and then all others.  He gives us three key areas to watch for as we seek harmony.

The first is we are not to act important.  We are to treat others in love, mercy and grace.  No one is any better than anyone else as we are all created in His image.  We are to be thankful that we are uniquely made and know we are all sinners which means we are no better than anyone else.  So even after we have been saved we need to share His love in all the ways that He ask us to and we will live in harmony.  This will in turn lead us to the second area of how to live in harmony.

The second area is to enjoy others.  Enjoy means to love everyone.  We are commanded to love God and also love others.  This shows us receiving love and then passing His love on to others.  We will be in harmony when we share all His love with others and allow it to flow through us.  A beautiful world will be seen when we see His love shared with all.  This in turn leads us to the third area that can help create harmony.

We are not to think we know it all.  I remember back in the 1970’s passing a church in Waco, Texas that had a saying on the sign out front as my family drove by.  The statement was “A know it all soon blows it all.”  How true because how many families are torn apart because someone thinks they know it all?  How many friendships have been broken because a difference broke out that both sides thought they were right?  How many have lost a job because they were not willing to learn and thought they knew it all?  We could go on and on yet there is only one solution.  Love God with all your heart and love others with all the love you have to share from God and your walk will be in perfect harmony.

And remember always give God all the glory because He loves you!