Seek His Love through His Wisdom for You

Proverbs 8:17 (NKJV)
I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.

God wants to show us so much, but why do we not always see? Pride, ego, distractions, not me, or do we have selective hearing and just choose to listen on our terms? God loves us so much and lays before us all we need to see and hear. Yet we do not always follow, we do things on our terms instead of His direction. We should always listen to the One who knows us and has direction for a blessed life if we will be open to His love and wisdom.

I had a painful throat for over four months and being stubborn I would not go to the doctor. Oh, others will tell you to go, yet we will not go because we think it is weakness or I will let it run its course. I went to the doctor recently to see what was wrong and I had to put self out of the way. I prayed that God would heal me, so I could continue to serve at my best in giving Him my best. I was not at my best and went to the doctor, who in turn sent me to a specialist, that in turn did surgery to get to the problem. After getting everything done he said we will need to stay on top of this with direction and instruction moving forward.
By going and God guiding him to find a solution, and then to say I will give you direction and instruction to follow that will help. This is exactly what our Heavenly Father has for us a solution in time of need, a direction for our life, and instruction that leads the way.

So, pray and seek His wisdom for you so that through the love of God you will be blessed and all that you are to be. It does start with a prayer for Him to clean out what blocks you from listening, but the results will be such a blessing. You will be blessed and see all that He has for you and it starts in you calling out to the One who loves you.