He Gives Understanding

2 Timothy 2:7 (NKJV)

Consider what I say, and may the Lord give you understanding in all things.

Do we understand everything that happens to us? We may have struggles in a marriage, with our children, in a job, in our finances, and it seems we cannot see any light in the darkness that is all around us. The answers we seek in our thoughts can cause us to sometimes misplace blame. The answers we seek from friends and family are sometimes answers they want to share that match what they think we want to hear. Some of our past dictates our thoughts, but not always in the right perspective. We seek answers that we can see now and apply to now.

Yet, we should not seek what we can see now, but seek the answers from the One who knows. God has all the answers if we will just spend time with Him. Call to Him in prayer and know that He loves to hear from you. He will guide you to His answers. His wisdom that He gives us in the Bible provides understanding. He may even remind you of times you knew a song or a lesson that you learned in church. He may have placed all the pieces that you need in front of you the last several months or years.

Know that God loves you and He knows you better than anyone. He created you and He loves His children. Now in understanding His answers understand they are in His perfect timing. Not only in a timely manner, but also what you need. Also, understand the answer may give you discipline or require you to adjust your life or circumstances. Please know that He loves you and He wants you to understand His love. So, seek the One who has all the answers and you will always see that He gives His answers in love.