A Mother’s Day Reflection by Boots Hubbard

Many people have had profound influences on my life, none greater that my Mother. With Mother’s
Day just around the corner, I thought it might bring back a good or at least lingering memory for you if I
share with you a couple of things my Mom taught me. Maybe you can relate to my story.
First of all, let me tell you that my Mother was a combination of June Clever and Aunt Bea. If you don’t
know who those two Ladies were then you might as well hang up the phone right here and now. Not
really, read on and I’ll show you what Mom had in common with these two TV stars from the 60’s.
Number one, she always had us dress up for the evening meal. It was the one time during the day that
we gathered as a family, held hands, prayed, and shared what we had learned during the day. Secondly,
my Mom definitely managed the household, just like Aunt Bea she knew everything that was going on
and always had an idea or two that made learning how to do things a lot of fun. She would constantly
ask me: “did you remember to Pray About That’? To this day I remember to P.A.T. when facing a
hard decision. By the time I got to college I was the only guy on my wing of the dorm who could shell
peas, ice a cake, sew on a button, and remember to wash whites with whites. She had also taught
me how to use a pressure cooker, without blowing a hole in the kitchen ceiling. Those days, and what
seemed to be endless hours spent with her learning the basics left an indelible impression on me. But,
more than the chores and menial duties of dusting, vacuuming, and
cleaning windows on Saturday mornings, the thing that left the deepest impression was that my Mom
listened to me,quoted the Bible to me, and sang songs while we were working. She didn’t simply get lost
in the busyiness of housework, she made sure that the things that were impacting my life were being
heard. Those mornings with her, were priceless lessons on how to grow as a Christian young man.
When I felt called to the ministry, she was the first person I told. When I accepted Christ as my Lord and
Savior she was right there with me to talk to the Preacher. Each step of the way, Mom was an anchor.
Don’t get me wrong, my Mom had some peculiar habits and ways about her. She was no Hannah,
Elizabeth, or Naomi but then she didn’t have to be….she was Mom…My Mom, that’s all I needed
to know and to this very day, that’s enough for a son who felt GOD’s love through his Mom.