Each Day is a Gift

Each Day is a Gift

I am still one day behind, but I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many praying friends and prayer warriors.  Each day is a gift from God, and we need to treasure it and be thankful to Him.

Psalm 118:24 (NKJV)

24 This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. 

Psalm 139:16 (NKJV)

16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them.

As we have gone through this with my Mom getting a pace maker we see as a family even a deeper appreciation for each day.  A day that He has made for us that have ups and downs, mountains and valleys, as well as joy and sorrow.  Each day has been a gift as she does not realize all she has been through, yet we see God’s love every step of the way.  As I have shared a little at a time with her what she had been through, she got tears in her eyes each time and shared we have such a loving God.  The right medical staff at the right time.  Encouraging words from family, friends, and many people we have never met.  God creates each day with us in mind and we need to see what He has for us.

Yes, each day is fashioned for us.  What a gift.  What a loving gift.  This has helped me reflect even more on His love.  This has also helped me to have an even deeper appreciation for every part of the day.  Thankful for small steps, all the prayers that have been lifted-up, all the answered prayers, for family and friends, and yes, the dawning of each new day.

She is now able to eat now, and strength to go to her own house and bed are the steps she hopes she will be able to make.  We are so thankful for everyone that has been with us in this unexpected journey, but you are a part of the fashioned day He had planned for all of us.


Father, we thank You for each day.  The days are fashioned for us so please help us to treasure them.  We thank You for all Your love and every aspect of the journey. Amen.