Care Center Outreach Ministry

The Waples Baptist Church Care Center Ministry had its humble beginnings when Brother Lindsay Luedeker started going to Quail Park in 2008, adding Glen Rose Nursing & Rehab in 2010. Brother Lindsay felt led to begin this ministry due to witnessing the peaceful and comforting impact a similar ministry had on his Mother. Brother Lindsay’s Grandmother spent a week in a care center prior to her passing, where she happened to attend a care center worship service, which was led by the church he grew up in.

In 2016, Johnnie C., Boots and Rebecca H. offered to assist Lindsay, soon followed by Helen A., who volunteered her piano talents. Over the next two years, the ministry developed and matured, leading worship services at a total of eight care centers on a weekly basis. Additional folks felt the call, and so the following volunteers were added to our ranks: Gilbert Molinar, Jim Bob P. and Janice Bevers. The Ministry exploded with growth to the point where over 180 Care Center residents were being ministered to on a weekly basis. At this time, we began handing out quarterly Our Daily Bread Devotional Guides to residents and care center staff. Near Independence Day, we began to distribute American flags with the Pledge of Allegiance attached, which has continued annually. At Christmas and Easter, we began providing small gifts for all residents to keep, which has also continued annually. The residents still love receiving copies of Pastor Lindsay’s Sermon Notes.

During this two-year growth period, Boots and Rebecca were asked to assist with several Memorial Services for care center residents, as well as a wedding!  A few care center residents even became members of WBC, two of whom were baptized at their facility.  We’ve been told on numerous occasions by family members of residents, of how much the singing and devotions mean to the residents we visit.  Rebecca began developing lesson plans/devotionals specifically for each group of residents per each facility, where we held services on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  It was about this time that Dennis and Donna T. began assisting Johnnie with Sunday’s care center services.

Currently, we hold weekly worship services in three Granbury-area care centers, which are led by Rebecca H., Johnnie C., Dennis & Donna T., Galena M. and Sharon S.  The ministry continues to this day, and with the prayerful support of the members of Waples Baptist Church, will continue to be an outreach arm of our Church for years to come.

If you feel prayerfully led to participate in our Care Center Ministry, please contact Boots Hubbard, Minister of Education & Outreach, at or (817) 964-4383. If you would like to support this ministry with tax-deductible donations, please make your check payable to “WAPLES BAPTIST CHURCH” and write “CARE CENTERS” in the memo field.