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W2J Ministry
W2J Ministry

Matthew 25:35-36

Our mission is to support our incarcerated Brothers and Sisters so they may receive and understand complete freedom. Although their bodies still remain confined, the captives were all freed by the ransom paid at Calvary’s Cross.

Walk to Jesus Ministry was established in 2018 with a simple letter to my husband, Tommy Scott, who was incarcerated at the time. I began sending him our weekly worship bulletins including Pastor  Lindsey’s sermon notes, in hopes of providing him the comfort and guidance of God’s Word through Pastor Lindsay’s teaching. Eventually, his cell neighbors were asking him to share his bulletins so I found it was much easier for me to write and send it to them directly, and BAM!…Walk to Jesus was born!

Two years later finds us writing to nearly 100 men and women incarcerated in Texas! Through the Lord’s blessings, this has never been a solitary task. Enter Pastor Lindsay Luedeker, Pastor Scott Dix, Shirley Sumrow, Helen Anderson, Vicki Jones, Lexy Brock, Co-Chair Amanda Swanzy (who is a “disciple in training”) my husband Tommy Scott, Christian Domm (also a “disciple in training”), Boots Hubbard, David Cleaveland, Lindsay Phillips, Crissy De Lucas, Dennis Timmons, Bonnie Solomon, and Johnnie Couch, just to name a few. They have been irreplaceable with handling letters, organizing, and brainstorming. However; they were not the only contributors, OUR Waples Baptist Church Family stepped up to the task of being prayer warriors, which is truly the backbone of W2J. They are my Cheerleaders and Yell Leaders! Last, but certainly not least, Ed Mundt and Di Kern- I could never begin to repay the both of them for all of their love, support and guidance from stem to stern.

-God’s blessings to all, Sherry Scott

If you feel prayerfully led to participate in our Walk to Jesus Ministry, please contact Sherry Scott, Ministry Director, at w2jkneemail@gmail.com or (817) 964-9928. If you would like to support this ministry with tax-deductible donations, please make your check payable to “WAPLES BAPTIST CHURCH” and write “W2J” in the memo field.